Monday, 4 May 2009

Weekend in London

Clare and I have just got back from a lovely weekend in London celebrating Clare's birthday. It was a star-studded holiday because after seeing Oliver, we waited at the stage door and met up with Jodie Prenger, winner of the TV talent competition "I'd do anything"!

Then we just happened to bump into Mr Bean himself... Rowan Atkinson!

On the Saturday, we decided to go to the Victoria and Albert museum, pictured below.

This was the view when you looked up from eating your sandwiches in the cafeteria. There was even a concert pianist playing in the background which, considering the price of the food, was the least they could do!

Of course, we checked out the performing arts exhibition and couldn't resist trying on a few costumes...

I personally can't see the difference with this one though!

We also checked out the National History museum, saw some dinosaurs and had a minor altercation with a pushy Italian couple! Don't worry was hurt, although they did leave the exhibition (and I suspect the museum) rather quickly!

Determined to prove that we were still rebels at the age of 30, we drank in the middle of Leicester Square.... shame it was only Pink Lemonade!

And finally, Clare decided it was all too much for her and had a quick snooze before going home!

Well, that's some of our holiday snaps! Hope you enjoyed them!