Sunday, 29 March 2009

Theo's Song

The song I've written in memory of Theo has been finished for a while now but I've only recently got round to uploading it. It's called "The Gift" and can be found here. It's instrumental so there's no lyrics but hopefully the sentiment is clear.

On the same web page is another tune I wrote called "Big Brother" which is slightly more hectic than The Gift but more in line with the kind of music I generally listen to. Please don't feel you have to persevere with this one if it disagrees with your eardrums!

I would appreciate any comments people have both stylistically and in terms of production quality. I'm after constructive stuff so please let me know what you really think!

If you have any problems with playback, let me know.

Monday, 2 March 2009

Life is like a box of chocolates!

I am notoriously difficult to buy presents for. Any CD, DVD, or guitar someone might have thought to buy me will undoubtedly have already crossed my mind and been immediately purchased. This makes Christmas a stressful time for my loved ones!

My top wannabe career (after lead rock guitarist!) has for a long time been "Master Chocolatier". This choice was inspired by the Lindt chocolate advert. I love Lindt chocolate and have long desired to be the fat man with the white hat who scoops up melted chocolate on the end of a giant whisk!

This led Clare to an inspired choice for my Christmas present. A 6 month subscription to the Hotel Chocolat tasting club!! The proof of the pudding is shown below!

Every month I get delivered a box of 36 chocolates that have been hand-made and selected for people in this exclusive club. The box comes complete with its own menu, so you know exactly what each chocolate is and... this is the best bit... you rate each of the chocolates out of 10 and send your answers back. The first step to developing a chocolate palette and becoming a master chocolatier!

A few select people make suggestions for new chocolates that the tasting club could produce and, if these are good enough, they not only make them but also put your name next to the master chocolatier in the chocolate menu.

So this is my next come up with a chocolate good enough to get selected and produced. Recent examples include Whisky and Sour Cherry and Eton Mess so my choice will have to be pretty special. At the minute, I'm thinking something involving peanuts!

So if you have any inspired thoughts, let me know and I will suggest them too! (Taking all the credit naturally!)