Sunday, 29 March 2009

Theo's Song

The song I've written in memory of Theo has been finished for a while now but I've only recently got round to uploading it. It's called "The Gift" and can be found here. It's instrumental so there's no lyrics but hopefully the sentiment is clear.

On the same web page is another tune I wrote called "Big Brother" which is slightly more hectic than The Gift but more in line with the kind of music I generally listen to. Please don't feel you have to persevere with this one if it disagrees with your eardrums!

I would appreciate any comments people have both stylistically and in terms of production quality. I'm after constructive stuff so please let me know what you really think!

If you have any problems with playback, let me know.


Jennifer said...

Love Theo's song! Very tender and moving. Such a loved baby boy!

threescore said...

Andy -

No one can love a child as much as his parents; you have done a beautiful thing for Theo. I wonder what his taste in music is, given he is a real combination of the two of you?

Keep writing and recording the music. It plays well while you are busy doing other things on the computer, by easing out frustrations and being brutal and honest.


Candi & Skeet said...

Andy- Wow it gave me chills. You are so very talented. Thank you so much for sharing with us. What a beautiful way to honor sweet Theo.
I have been missing you two! I hope you are doing well. Please send me an update if you get a chance.

Much love,

Tonya said...

It's BEAUTIFUL!! I LOVE IT! He is listening, proud to say your are his parent's!! I am going to post this and share it with other's!!

Anonymous said...

It's lovely!! Thank you for sharing it with us.

Tassy from Texas