Friday, 24 April 2009

Rescue at Warwick Castle

Well, I'm long overdue a blog entry so here's a little tale from our recent holiday. We went to Warwickshire for a week staying at a beautiful Mill Cottage in Braunston. We spent the time unwinding after Clare's stressful school inspection and using our National Trust Membership to visit lots of lovely old houses in the area. 

We spent one of the days out visiting Warwick Castle, which is one of Britain's most complete castles. It was built in 1068 by William the Conquerer and has loads to do there including knights fighting and a scary dungeon.

Whilst we were there, we noticed a fire engine and ambulance had arrived in the Courtyard. We later found out that a man had suffered a heart attack climbing the very steep spiral staircase in one of the turrets (Don't panic though....I understand he's ok now!). The Firefighters couldn't quite work out how to get him down safely from the turret so eventually an RAF rescue helicoptor airlifted him off the top of the turret. 

Despite a huge amount of wind and dust blown down by the helicoptor's rotor blades, I managed to capture the rescue on video. It's two minutes long but about halfway through you can see someone being winched up. Towards the end, I pan around so you can get a good view of the castle as well. 

What excitment and they didn't charge us any extra!


Jennifer said...

Totally amazing! I miss you guys! How did Clare's play go?

Andy and Clare said...

Hi Jennifer,

Clare's still rehearsing for the play at the minute. It doesn't start until the beginning of July so there's still lots of work to do!

Hopefully they'll be some advertising photos to put on the blog soon.

Tonya said...

How exciting!! I would LOVE to see photos of the castle. I love castles, they are so romantic and mysterious! Can't wait to see a preview of the play! Clara is quite an actress as I got to see first hand! YEAH!!!